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You must roll on smaller mailing lists and communities than I, because in the chats and lists that I'm a member of, if you don't just stand up and ask your question, it's never, ever going to get answered.

On the other hand, they are larger communities, so there's not much presumption of intimacy.

Pete S

Or how about people that want you to do their homework for them? "Hi, I am working on a school project about the [some topic]. Can you please provide me with a history of [some topic] and a bibliography of your sources?" I used to work at an IT trade magazine and the 'help' email account got emails like that all the time.

Some twisted part of my mind almost admires the nerve of people like this. As for begging for gold, I'd be way too embarrassed. I wonder what its like to have no sense of dignity...


Reminds me kids who used to hang outside arcades and beg for quarters.

They'd then get pissed at you if you didn't give them one. I don't get it.


it's funny how brash the people asking for the money can be too, i remember when i played guild wars, people acted like because you had, you should give.
'Cmon, you're level 20, you can spare it...' etc. which is strange, because i didn't get to level 20, or get whatever armor by asking people for gold... and i don't owe it to anyone. The expectation is so high - and when you think about it, if you spent the time actually MAKING gold, you would get a lot more than spending the same amount of time spamming...


You mentioned a n00b asking for a gold piece in World of Warcraft...that's nothing! I play online poker at Full Tilt and you regularly get people stopping in begging for REAL money. Amazing. I can't believe that ever works. Here's a actual exchange that took place between me and a degenerate cyber-hobo:

67troy (Observer): can some1 be nice and help a man in need out and transfer me 5$ please com on be nic please
67troy (Observer): some1 please
Me: get a job troy
67troy (Observer): i work at subway with my kid
Me: then get me a sandwich

I crack myself up.

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