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Reminds me of certain people who post ranting blog entries claiming to tell the truth about the game industry, who also choose to remain completely anonymous. And it's these same people who rant about people who haven't had credits on important games getting too much credit.

And yet, wait a minute, they won't let me see their CV? Then by their own standards I can't trust their opinion.

There is so much fear in this industry, it makes me sick. Everyone's afraid of something. The #1 litmus test to know that I've discovered for finding kindred spirits in the game industry is to ask: is this person afraid? If no, then I want to be friends with that person.

Ferrous Buller

Sadly, "speaking one's mind == burning one's bridges" 95% of the time - in any industry. Heck, I'm surprised only 1/3 of the comments are anonymous.

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