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Just trying to hold a 360 controller in a fashion so that you could "crackberry" that keyboard with your two thumbs is already feeling awkward.

I didn't mind having a keyboard in my lap on the Dreamcast, but I suppose this is a compromise?

I kinda wish they'd just support a full keyboard. If I'm using a keyboard, I'm using a keyboard. If I'm using a controller, I'm using a controller. I thought having voice chat was going to kill the need to txt msg?


You can plug any USB keyboard into the Xbox 360 already. 'Tis much more confortable than some tiny thumb-based monstrosity.


right, you can use any usb keyboard; but here i think the idea is to somehow enfold typing into gaming, which Phantasy Star Online did. i could see some cool applications for this, maybe.

Gigaom's writer thinks it's a ploy:


lookz like alot of ffxi playaz will bii using it!!

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