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I have two thoughts on touting graphics:

1) HiDef is nice even if the graphical wow of a game is more in the style than the detail of the assets. gimme that widescreen.

2) I've heard that the big thing they're going to be using the next gen graphics power for is making the scale of the game much, much larger, so think about TONS more stuff on the screen and on the katamari. And a Katamari 10 kilometers in diameter: "That's no moon... it's a Katamari!"


they could tout next-gen graphics for Beautiful Katamari if the shadowing (is that a word ?) & the no. of items that could be picked could be drastically increased without a drop in frame rate.

Also, the soundtrack to We Love Katamari is so much better than Katamari Damacy. just sayin'.

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