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Jens Alfke

Yeah, it's criminal not to make all the content available right away like the hookshot and the light-arrow in Zelda, TIck Tock Clock in Mario 64, or the final boss battle in Rayman 2. I'm tired of all this "gameplay" stuff just give me the hot items right away and let me go to the really cool levels.

In fact, why shouldn't I be able to fast-forward right to the end of the final boss battle and watch Ganon fall to his knees and turn to stone and all that? Do you have any idea how long I slaved away just to get to that scene, even though I'd already paid $50 for the game?

After all, if they make you have to do stuff, they shouldn't call it a "game". They should call it "work". Right?

[the above is pure sarcasm, by the way. I have no clue why anyone would complain about unlockable content...]

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