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i'm so glad that he has gotten busted, all he has been doing is spreading fear about nothing and the media jump on top of this like a ninja and expand it till it makes no sense.

so bout time, i also here he is stopping his lawsuit against take 2.....makes me wonder.....


Lord, I was so pissed when Thompson did this...Such an ass...


I think Jack Thompson gets an erection at any opportunity to point the blame on video games. I mean, did the shooter even PLAY video games? And even so, there have been plenty of people who murder WITHOUT ever being an avid gamer. Gaming has NOTHING to do with being a murderer; it has to do with how the person is raised, their morals, etc. I have no idea why that douchebag even CARES so much about our gaming habits. I know; let's take away EVERYTHING that has to do with violence and sex! Then we're left with...Barney and Sesame Street.

Seriously, I don't think a 10-year-old should be playing GTA (and kids that young only do it to look "cool," anyway,) but sheltering our children and having them believe the media is to blame for everything is no way to solve the world's problems.

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