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Guitar Vader

Jens Alfke

I'm not sure if Jrock is a specific sub-genre, but two Japanese rock bands I like are

Mono (http://www.emusic.com/artist/11538/11538779.html)
Melt Banana (http://www.emusic.com/album/10891/10891925.html)

Also, I've heard a couple of good songs from Luminous Orange (http://www.emusic.com/artist/11618/11618779.html)

paul haine

"I'm looking for good Jrock and Jpop"

There is no good Jrock and Jpop.

Alice Lee

Puffy is pretty good but their older stuff is better.

Suenohair, Spitz are both excellent.

Sambomaster is intense rock and roll (not heavy like Guitar Wolf but emotionally charged).

Otsuka Ai is very good Jpop if you don't mind her voice. I highly recommend "Planetarium" and "Cherish".

I hope this isn't an april fool's post ;_;


totally not an april fool's post! i forgot it was april 1st actually. oops. i'm serious. i've been combing youtube the last three days for videos of japanese groups. thanks for the suggestions! i'll go check them out.


I would recommend Straightener..they are a band from Tokyo Japan back from the end of the 90s but they were pretty unknown until some years ago. Check this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=WVSVkMIJEa8
Also, Bonnie Pink is really really good moving from the Otaku market to the main market with great singles and albums. Check out the last 2 albums from her.


guitar wolf!

i saw them awhile ago. about a week before bass wolf died!

i was front row, beign sprawed with guiatr wolf's blood sweat and spit. he was bleeding profusely from the hand and kept playing like his life depended on it. throwing himself all over.

i t was the single most rock and roll thing ever.

and as for a recomendation, not japanese but chinese, you should check out "my little airport". its a guy, a girl and a casio and they make really cute kinda shoegaze-light pop. its a lot of fun.

and now for some actual jrock, altho i wouldnt call them that. there's the always batshit insane polysics, and one of the bets live band ive ever seen, the zoobombs.

and if you want some really sucked up psychadelia, check out acid mother temple.


I like Otsuka Ai as well. I didn't see ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION mentioned, but you've probably heard of them already. Hyde (from L'Arc~en~Ciel) released a solo album recently, and that has a few good songs. I've also heard a few good ones by: Kagrra, YELLOW Generation, Cornelious.

Mostly I just listen to tag radio "japanese" on Last.fm to get my Jpop/Jrock fix, though I can't tell how up-to-date the music selections are.


I guess I'll chime in. I don't listen to much J-Rock/Pop, but I find that The Pillows, Anything from Yoko Kanno (sp?) and Yoshida Brothers to be outstanding.

ESPECIALLY when Yoshida Brothers rock out (pissed that this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RERXiliJfdI is not available in the states).


I've been out of the scene for a little while myself but since you've listed so many songs that I've personally loved, here are some of my favorites:

I recommend checking out Supercar, one of my all time favorite bands. They started out as indie punk rockers, and then gradually with each album incorporated more experimental sounds and electronica, so depending on what your mood is, you can pick a different album of theirs to start with. My favorite album of theirs is 'Futurama' - one of their later albums. Unfortunately they're now disbanded though... You can hear their sounds on certain volumes of the compilation albums put out by sony (?) called 'Japan for Sale.'

I also recommend another band named Quruli which are similar to some of the bands you've listed.

You might also like Cube Juice, a soft electronica outfit with really fun music videos.

As for electronica, I think the debut album "Out Loud" from Boom Boom Satellites, blending jazz and drum/bass is so awesome! You might have heard of them lately if you've watched that anime 'Appleseed' (but honestly I don't think their latest albums are nearly as cool as their earliers)

All of the above are kind of old I guess. As for some newer stuff - if you're into metal influence, try out the 'Pink' album from 'Boris'. That particular album got them really great reviews from Pitchforkmedia.com :) Their USA release is from Southern Lord.


jpop is a bit strange to me, i don;t understand all the words because my japanese isn't as goos as i would like it to be. but i still love to listen to it and get the emotion off it. i'm currently listen to the following jpop albums "angela aki - home" and "dragon ash - viva la revoultion & Lily of da valley".

G. Guillotte

Late to the party, but:

1.) A second hear-hear to Boris, but once you've gotten started with Pink, go to Akuma no Uta, then take off the training wheels and perform Amplifier Worship.

2.) Limited Express (has gone?)


LTTP. The Brilliant Green. The end.

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