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Hey Jane - I'd love to upload to wardrobe remix (I'm a member), but I'm usu. hurrying out the door if I've taken the time with what I'm wearing. So recently I've been interested in photographing other people's fashion commitments at http://fashioni.st because I find the street stuff inspiring too.


Mai, that's rad! I'm totally subscribing to that blog now. It's so hard to take photos of yourself, isn't it? Some people do it so well. Anyone care to share tips on that?

Alice Lee

There are also a lot of candid harajuku photos on Flickr as well under the Harajuku tag. They're like the street shots from the magazines, only uploaded on a weekly basis by amateurs, tourists, and even some professionals. Ever since I discovered this, I haven't gone back to any of the Japanese fashion magazines I used to read.


Wow, this is all great. And here I thought the Sartorialist had cornered the market on street photography.

The fashion game I always play is Vintage Bingo, where you're scored based on: 1) the niftiness/uniqueness of your look; 2) how old the pieces you're wearing are; and 3) how little you spent on your outfit.

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