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People who hate dating are the same people who hate playing video games because they don't like exploration through trial and error (i.e., loss). They literally don't like the learning process--of course, in dating, the "error" part can be far far far more painful than it is in video games. But still, I think it's the same core personality trait.

Ferrous Buller

Dating needs save points - or, at least, adjustable difficulty settings.

Jens Alfke

But once you beat the game, and say your "I do"'s while the credits roll, you are never allowed to play it again. So I'd say it has some issues in the replay-value department.


is it the man or the woman that should be proactive? do guys like proactive girls? and do girls like non active guys, when it comes to dating?


both should be proactive. won't most women ignore a man if he isn't proactive? i think it's also a (female) misconception that guys don't like a proactive woman.

dariusk; that's a good theory but it doesn't apply to me (love video games & being in relationships but dislike the hunt).

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