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Ack! Spoiler alert! Please!


I had considered a spoiler alert, but figured it was unnecessary as they spoil it right on the front page of G4's page for the show. I've edited the original entry (and this comment) for spoilerage. Sorry 'bout that. I figured the video of Makoto there is probably from 5 years ago...? Guess not?

Fuzzy Gerdes

Makoto Nagano's winning run is from October 2006. This show is aw-haw-some.


ninja warrior iz teh bezt!!!
i think hii completed teh 4th bout a month ago...
they had a big marathon lazt wiik, they showed it bout 3 timez...
i liked how hii waz excited to win that hii just stayed up there and cryed for a while..


Nope, you're not alone. I just found out about this show a week ago myself. It's amusing.


yeah, seen that guy complete that course. apparently he trained like crazy for it too. It's not just shows like this... even show's like Takeshi's Castle would make for an amazing theme park !

(man, the Japanese think of everything !)

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