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That clip is, I think, a new level of making me sick to my stomach.


Wow. That was...that was just as awful as the previews led me to believe.

Hang on I've got to get back to my retro videogame where I try and beat rabid horny monkeys off of the ditzy receptionist's head!

Troy Goodfellow

I had heard nothing about this series. After seeing the video, I wish I could return to that state of innocence.

Of course, as a guy, I usually meet my daily recommended allowance of technology jokes and monkey porn by 11 AM.


Holy shit... Somebody needs to pull the plug on that channel, stat.

Sarah W.

I was duly offended by that clip (and not just the part where he beaned that girl with the bow in her hair), so I decided to watch the entire first episode online. Why did I do that?!

For those of you who don't want to subject yourselves to 20 minutes of this, here's the gist of it: An '80s video game company is taken over by a cowboy. The story mainly revolves around Dave and Jerry, two game coders who we are presumably supposed to identify with when they do wacky things like painting their genitals green. It's not clear what the two women's jobs are, but the protagonists appear to enjoy belittling them when they whine about things. There were some game and technology references, but I wouldn't call it a parody. The humor here probably appeals to people who enjoy laughing at randomness (much like my friends did when I was 12), but as it happens, I didn't crack a smile. How disappointing.

I can't help but wonder who thought this was a good idea....


I saw the first episode on Break.com...

I just couldn't bear to watch it anymore... it was just horrible. There's nothing funny about this. The gaming references are just so horribly ignorant of anything real in the industry that I couldn't take it anymore.


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yeah, I tried (emphasis on the "tried") to watch the 1st episode on Break. Gave up half way through when the show failed to make me laugh even once !


I definitely think that representatives/spokespeople of gaming channels should watch what they say. "Guys" can refer to girls as well, but primarily in groups (for example, "Look at this, guys!") I'm the type who gets offended easily if female gamers aren't accounted for, and even if only a small percentage of females watch G4 compared to males, they should still be reaching out to us as well. A little gender neutrality never hurt anyone.

As for the clip, I have to admit that some parts were pretty damn funny (though I have a very crude/perverted sense of humor.) I certainly hope the girls aren't portrayed as "Omigod, you boys play too many video games!" I think there should be AT LEAST one female gaming character for some variety. In fact, I think the two coders could've benefited from a third, female coder. Hell, they wouldn't even have to fawn over her; they could just be close friends.

I know I'm overly sensitive about this, and most men would say it's whining, but if they were in our shoes and were looked down on for several years, I'm sure they'd hold the same viewpoint.

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