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Actually I've seen historically themed MMO with Asian elements (well, they still had magic) and then there is this http://www.roma-victor.com/ for Ancient Rome. ;)

I totally agree that MMOs must solve grinding and the uselessness of quests instead of just advertising they are better than their competition when it comes to this. Who cares that there _is_ indeed a storyline when you have to do mostly fetch quests/kill x of this and that mob and grind for dozens of hours in between bits of it?

As a side note on MMO faulty designs, leveling your skills by using them sounds so great, but it only works well in single player RPGs. In a MMO it means some classes have to play twice as much time as those who can use their skills during normal leveling or lag behind people in their current party. I was very much against cheating, bug exploiting and afk leveling till I had to press a button for 1000 times just to get a buff to level 2. Of 10. With less xp/click every level. This is worse than normal grinding (as it adds to it, not replace it), it's simply insane.

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