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Pete S

I think what you're feeling is hype fatigue, not FPS fatigue. If ever a game was over-hyped, this is it. I'm not saying its a bad game; but it was made out to be the second coming of Gamedom or something...

Cameron Sorden

Demo review is up at my site, and you're totally right in your assumptions. How disappointing. :(


I also have shooter tired-head, and it started over a couple of years ago. To a similar degree, I have action RPG fatigue, too.

For me, the problem is the limitations: one way to play, select things to use, single direction of movement, single type of behavior.

What interests me is the almost inherent contradiction of FPS. First-person is the more immersive type of perspective in a game because, you can argue, it's *your* view. Yet, the implied control of such a view is almost entirely absent.

I'm now primarily an RPG or adventure gamer. It took me a while to finish Fable because I spent time getting married, buying and renting houses, making money, and other things.

What I enjoy most in games is how creative they allow me to be.

Also, I'm tired of FPS games because they have almost no break in the action, and so they begin to feel more and more alike because of their pacing. When i finished Half-Life 2, I realized that I was pretty much done with FPS, forcing my way to the end though I was pretty much tired of it. (Far Cry did keep me entertained for a while. But Doom 3, Prey, and others got old after a couple of hours.)


You're not alone, my friend feels the same way, and made an interesting post on the subject:

You'll notice a common theme in all the images!

I for one am pretty bored by the FPS, and have been ever since Deus Ex 2 really. There's nothing new going on here gameplay-wise, and turning on more filters and shaders and rendering options is not progress.

I'm feeling a little of the same way towards RTS games, too, after played SC2 a bit. Now, I know it's in beta etc etc, but at the same time I could sit down and use the SAME KEYSTROKES to implement the SAME BUILD ORDER and destroy skilled opponents using similar strategies to the original game.

I'm hoping the full game will bring out the new stuff, and the game is solid enough that I'm looking forward to it, but I couldn't help but feel a little like I was retreading the same path.


I feel exactly the same. I'm playing because of all the hype and I'm only a couple of hours in but so far it's just an FPS. A pretty one with a neat setting but still just an FPS and so, yes, I have FPS fatigue.

I've heard it gets prettier and prettier with more interesting settings so I'm excited to see those but dang, I really wish it was more of an story / adventure game in first person instead of a yet another shooter fps with zombies. It would be far more interesting


i feel the same jane.
but it's both fps and hype fatigue.
after e3 i just can get behind a game anymore, or at least a triple A title.
that's why i'm looking foreward to "games" like little big planet and playstation home (i know it's a service not a game)
those products give me the feeling that if i can't find them interesting and fun then i am boring and have no imagination

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