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How long until we see a videogame treat this subject with seriousness and sensitivity and unflinching frankness?

Ok, not sensitive, serious, or even a real game, but...


Thank you for discussing my game! I hope people will move past the discomfort of playing a slave, play with people they trust, and play my game. It's tough stuff, but fun can be had.

I just want to clarify one of the mechanics mentioned:

Your character has a "worth" stat. It's based on some other things about your character. Gender, age, skills, and experience, really.

Yes that's correct, but...

When you get in trouble, you're testing your worth. If your worth ever drops to zero, you're dead.

Not really. When you're in conflict and at risk of being punished, sold away, or otherwise injured, or you're bargaining for something major like your freedom or someone else's freedom, you roll your worth to test your luck. If your worth ever drops to zero, you don't die. You just can't engage in major bargains or conflicts without the assistance of your allies. You lose "worth" through injury, illness both mental and physical, age, and being considered a problem slave. This is a dice-abundant game, and worth fluctuates both positively (learning a skill, etc.) and negatively it would be pretty hard to go down to a worth of zero. Your character will always be worth something to someone.

Thanks for the review!

Julia B. Ellingboe

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