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ill play drums!

at last, my intense desire to hit thing hard to make loud noises and probably also scream at the same time will be quenched. and i can put headphones on, too!

as for a name, i have no idea.
since im from montreal, a believe i am forced by law to have the word wolf in my band name.


I'll fight you for drums, fish. Also, I'm in SF, which makes logistics easier.

The band name I've always wanted to use is "The Smoked Hogs".


i play a mean bass :)

as for a name: "the midnight express experience featuring jane pinckard"


maybe call the band "the simons" in recognition of what the game really is: a marginally more exciting update of the pattern recognition and repetition game that was a fad in the 80's. i guess it's exciting for people to pretend to play guitar or drums, but i think i got over that as a kid strumming the hell out of tennis rackets.

don't get me wrong, the game is kinda fun. but the hype is WAY overblown. red red green blue red red ooooooh but ozzy is playing so it's MUCH MORE than that? sure. BUT ERIC, the controller is no longer round, it is IN THE SHAPE OF A GUITAR.



wow, eric, mr. negative nancy, if Guitar Hero is only sort of fun, how come so many people have so much fun playing it? are they idiots?

maybe it's because you already play guitar.

but if you don't, then there is something totally exciting about being able to produce notes to your favorite songs.

and you mock the shape of the guitar controller, but so much of the fun of the game IS in the stance, in the heft and weight of holding that object, and in how you manipulate it.

plus Rock Band is a WILDLY ambitious game, a game that has never been attempted before. multiplayer bands - playing together - online - solving issues of latency; shitloads of downloadable content, including entire albums by the original artists; and peripherals that feel like real instruments. and singing!

maybe you don't like rhythm games at all. that's fine. but if you DO enjoy the genre, then Rock Band is pretty much the ultimate that there is... until ROCK BAND 2, which, by the way, i've decided, has to come with ability to have TWO DRUMMERS in the band!


oh, and as for a name, how bout "Wolf of the Destructive Panic"? :)


a popular fake band name from the montreal forums: wolfburger.

-the bloody foot of law
-solid gold volcano
-robot arm
-clash at demonhead

obscure references!


How about this for a name?

Jane & The Lionhearts


Amity Jane?
Door God?
The Carpal Tunnels?
The Tubers?
Raw Cloud?

I came across a pretty nifty one on MySpace - Hot Air Baboon - but that's obviously taken. I also quite like Negative Nigel, which I was going to post as an alternative to picking on Nancy... Hmm. I don't think I'm all that good at this as it turns out...

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