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Yup, TD is quite awesome. The creator of Desktop TD has a new site called Casual Collective (currently in beta) that will host (among other things) a multiplayer version of Tower Defense.


DTD can really suck away your time.

Another tower defense game that is worth checking out is VTD : http://www.candystand.com/play.do?id=18047

Same gameplay very different strategy. The key to VTD is your interest rate and managing money.

The biggest difference between DTD and VTD is you don't construct your own path in VTD like in DTD. So it eliminates the 'juggle map' tactic. Be prepared to not do anything else for a few days.

I think between DTD and VTD I've lost a solid month of my life.


Jane, check out this winning pattern:


Basically, you create a spiral of death, and ping pong the creeps by opening/closing the far right side. Don't worry about the last boss flier, those are impossible to kill, but you only lose two lives to let them go.

Alice Lee

You need some well placed frosts. One or two full upgraded will do the trick.


DTD was what finally drove me to cancel my WoW account. Fiddling with mazes is way more fun than grinding for rep or mount money.

Try a zig-zag layout with lots of fully upgraded Squirts, with some Swarm and Frost later on for the last couple of air waves.

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