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That site looks like an experimental HTML-art project from 1995.

I can imagine that if you spent all your time working with fashion, looking at fashion, etc., you might get kind of jaded with the clothes themselves, tap into the whole "fashion is more than clothing" idea, fall down a rabbit hole, and lose sight of your actual product. Perspective doesn't cost much, but it's sometimes in short supply.


totally agree with you joshlee
looks like a project done by high school students with no better to do with there time.

i can understand having the appleseed trailer (maybe prada are a sponsor) but the myspace band page....well as the tree said to the lumberjack: "I'm stumped!"

doesn't really make much sense, but i suppose those myspace bands will do anything so that someone will vist their myspace page.


Seems to have been fixed. Just clothes.

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