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This reminds me of a current trend in casino design. The old-school model was to make it as hard to leave the floor as possible, so you'd still be there dropping quarters in the slots. They realized that not being able to see an exits makes people anxious, and that makes them less likely to take risks. If they feel comfortable in their environment, they're more likely to stick around and keep their money on the table.

Here's an excerpt from the writeup:

"Confusion creates worry," Steelman says. "Worry creates doubt. Doubt brings less empowerment. The less empowered gambler won't spend much." Mirrors are bad, too. They can shatter the illusion that you're James Bond.


For the most part, console games cannot do this. However, I'd prefer that they don't. I like the immersion of being in the game, and if I could just make tea or do things while the game is running, the immersion is pulled right out.

Usually if I want to entertain myself while doing something like make certain foods, I'll just put on Guitar Hero. That way I can play five minutes, and then check on what's going on. Yet if the point of the game is that I'm supposed to want to adventure, then I'd rather sit down and enjoy it for the whole time.

Of course, I never got into WoW, or any MMORPG for that matter, simply because they feel a lot less like games and more like work. Only MMO I've enjoyed yet is Planetside.


You're still playing WoW? XD

Knit your way to 70. =D

(I have, just not on Eitrigg yet. But now I'm about to start dual boxing... oh gnoes...)

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