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Andrew Parker

The guy who designed the flash "color view" of Etsy is Jared Tarbell. I had the pleasure of meeting him at an Etsy summit; really great, nice guy. If you like browsing by color and I think you'll find his independent work is incredibly beautiful too. Check it out:



I bought 8 necklaces the other day because i entered 'red' into etsy's search.


etsy is SO DANGEROUS. and yet, don't you feel good about shopping there, because you know you're buying from cool DIY girls and boys?

Andrew, that's really awesome - thanks for the links!


It's such a hook to make you spend more... makes me feel like i am 'doing good' and can pat myself on the back, and justify buying more... and more!

And i dont know about anyone else, but when i order etsy things, often the artist will send along a little card that they made for their company, and these little tags are so beautiful and charming!

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