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A complicated issue, no doubt. But don't forget that Raymond has experience dealing with the media -- in 2005 she was an on-screen personality for the TV show "Electric Playground." This could have been a factor in Ubisoft's decision to choose Raymond as the spokesperson. Of course, the argument becomes a bit circular, given that part of the reason she was on EP in the first place was because she was photogenic.


While I'm not defending that comic, parodies of people considered "game whores" (both men and women) have been quite common for years. I can't list all the comics I've seen that range from completely hysterical to repulsively vulgar on such personalities as American McGee or Derek Smart. While Jade is an attractive woman, and that alone can lend itself to this type of material, that doesn't mean to me that she's being singled out because of it. Right or wrong, this happens all the time. If I were Jane, I'd want people to just stop talking about it. If famous television personalities, bloggers, and her employer UbiSoft didn't make a big deal out of it, it wouldn't have gotten as much press as it did. Then it likely would have lingered in obscurity making it much easier to just simply ignore.


A bit of deja vu from the classical music world: An attractive violin virtuosa chooses a somewhat suggestive image for her debut album artwork, and spends the rest of her career inspiring reviews that focus more on her appearance than her performance:

New York Times: The Curse of Beauty for Serious Musicians

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