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really good post jane

i do agree with your bitch on judy nails. i do think it's total BS. and i hate the fact that the boards on 1up are kinda goning nuts over you having your bitch about it.

as for guitar players who inspired me to play, it would have to be Mark Knopfler, i really do implore you to listen to him jane, truly amazing guitar work.

songs i recommand: Romeo and Juliet, Money For Nothing, Sultans Of Swing, & Telegraph Road

Robert Dumas

I can't believe how badly Neversoft fucked up my two favorite characters: Johnny Napalm and Judy Nails. Judy had that great girl-rock look; now, she looks like a transsexual. Johnny had a marvelous punk look; now, his head is shaped like a Tylenol and his spikes look ridiculous. The male singer also has a weirdly wide mouth which makes him look like a Muppet.

What did you do to my favorite characters, Neversoft? WHY SHOULD YOU LIVE?


Santiago. Fuck yeah.
if rock band ever releases Vamos as DLC, i will fucking split in half in glee.

infact, i will split in half in glee for every pixies song released on that game.

i didnt know you were back on the 1up show.

gamasutra podcast

Good post today!

Yes! The Pixies were the seminal alternative band. Even down to the alt-band obligatory woman bass guitarist. :) And I'm old enough to have had the good fortune to attend The Smiths' last live concert. Funny thing about them -- they were a completely different band live than in the studio. Much less polite and ironic, much more energetic and angry! Johnny Marr's guitar positively sparkled and wailed -- at the same time!

Also had the good fortune to see Sleater-Kinney at dive bars in Union Square in Seattle in their early days (went to DigiPen in Seattle in '98). Got flecked with Corin's sweat regularly. *Swoon* :)

bass dude

nicely done, love Johnny Marr, just a fantastic guitarist (Girl Afraid just rocks with chords and arppegios!) And Joni, wow, Blue has to be one of my fav albums, but you gotta ck out Shadows and Light, just unbelievable!, With a lineup of Pastorius, Metheny & Mays, Alias and Brecker, young lions really coming into their own, Joni said that Jaco was her fav bass player, their playing reminds me of Lester young playing with Billy Holiday. One of my fav guitarist/songwriters is the relatively obscure Tommy Keene, check out some of his stuff, very good!

Capn John

I only played GH2 in the stores but I have to agree with you about Judy Nails. She looks almost as much like a blow-up sex doll as Pamela Anderson.

I enjoyed that episode of 1Up, I'm about 1 hour into it and loved your comment on the DS's Call of Duty, about needing to empty an entire clip into a soldier to kill him because the DS is not as powerful as the other consoles! Hilarious stuff! :D

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