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I do the same... that company don't deserve any more of my time/money/thoughts.


I don't get what in that article is supposed to stand as a reason why someone doesn't go to Gamestop. I'm not saying that there's no reason to feel that way, I just don't see what in this particular article supports that stance.

Most of the "confessions" read as a simple "don't do this stupid thing, don't do that stupid thing" guideline to customers that should have the common sense to understand these things already. I don't see anything in there that's damning of Gamestop.

I've hated many Gamestops, but I now live near one that I love (not in my city, but an adjacent city). I've started actually preordering games I knew I would buy (the BioShocks and Orange Boxes of the gaming world) and it was far more pleasant than sitting around waiting for an Amazon shipment to arrive. The same can't be said for MOST Gamestops I've been to, but as the article says, if you find a good one with good people, and you understand some of the basics as to how Gamestop works (like stock being determined by preorder demand, an understandable concept), then you get a good experience.

Tommy @ dodoskido.com

Word to jane. I'm trying to end all contact with brick and mortar stores since they suck up my time with parking-hunts, "analog searching" (wading through aisle after aisle for the one or two items I want), and lines.

I'm starting to buy more and more everyday things from Amazon and other places. Toothpaste, deodorant, soap, Splenda, all sorts of stuff can not only be bought online, but for much less time and money that going to a brick and mortar store for these items. I ponied up for the Amazon prime 2 day shipping and have never looked back. Couple that with my Amazon rewards credit card and Amazon Associates 4-6% off everything, the prices rarely can be beat by a brick and mortar. Tack on ebay for good measure since you'll find some awesome deals there and there's really no reason to go to brick and mortars for anything that comes in a box and doesn't need to be tried on (like clothes, sunglasses, and shoes).

The only times I'll go to the store now are for fruit/veggies/meat, toilet paper, and pet items which for some reason are still more expensive online (although I'm conducting a thorough scrub of various online pet stores to see if I can beat my local PetSmart's prices). The good news about going to the pet store is there's rarely anyone in them so the lines are not really a problem. Same for parking.

The last time I stepped into Best Buy they tried to upsell me the extended warranty about 8 times for a pair of 8 buck earphones that I was giving as a gift. They wouldn't take no for an answer. Then they kept trying to sell me magazines or something. I was like, "umm...does it look like I really want to buy magazines right here, right now? Are you a Best Buy or a frickin' Barnes and Noble?" Safe to say, it's been about 3 years since I've stepped foot in a Best Buy and I'm not planning on going back. Nag me once and I'm gone.


i've been working off and on with gamestop for at least a good 5 years..

since the gamestop eb merge or whatever i'll have to admit things have gotten alot better..

before merger it was all about "numbers" as they would call it. there was always some new rule. your hours did depend on how good your numbers were. there were even secret shoppers to make sure that you would push res' and subs. also to make sure you said "hello" to everybody. working in fear was an very odd thing..

i just started working at gamestop again for the season. it's like working at different place..
the man would like you to get numbers, but it is more about customer experience. no more secret shoppers. the new eb os does help out alot. before we were using an awful dos program..
i've heard ever since gamestop/eb got a new president and also the vp left things started to change alot..

there are somethings i don't understand such as marvel vs capcom 2 selling for 80 bux and why employees still have to give some stupid phone greeting. also trade in has always been a scam to me.
i do understand why ppl would buy games threw amazon vs. goin in a mall to a gamestop. it is pretty creepy that there is a gamestop in almost every business strip along with a starbucks and togos.
but if ppl do keep going to these places and keep trading in games etc etc then it will only continue to grow.

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