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Damn, that *blows*.

You should probably try and get a free repair anyhow. I think the disc grinder problem might also be under extended warranty.


That totally sucks ... out of curiosity, what position do you have your 360 on, vertical or horizontal? I have mine horizontal, never liked to put CD-DVD readers in vertical position, you know "obey gravity" and such...


I had the same thing happen to my copy of Rock Band on my brand new 360.


My 360 eventually grinds the hell out of every disc I put in it. Luckily it can still read them (sometimes with difficulty).

As for Mass Effect I beat it in a marathon session and then let a work mate borrow it over Christmas. He let me borrow Uncharted. God what a mistake. A second play through of Mass Effect sounds really good right now.


I've gone through 2 copies of Rock Band.


That really sucks Jane. Maybe now you have an excuse to pick up a elite 360. I hear the elites are more reliable.


really? i was thinking of getting the elite. are they actually better?


My disc grinder is an Elite. I *think* I knocked it a little bit while plugging a guitar in. I've changed it to be horizontal position now in hopes of it being less finicky in the future.

I used one of those fancy cd disc repair gadgets and was able to fix my disc. You may want to give that a shot? (It took quite a few runs (20?) for it to actually work).

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