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Sara Lacy was atrocious! That's the way I behave when I'm trying to let a man know I'm interested not conduct an interview. I've given facebook a try and I don't enjoy it. Twitter on the other hand, I adore for the reasons you mention here.


i wasn't there either, but the audience WAS booing and groaning and heckling from what i understand. and i have to assume the body language cues were all there as well that she had lost the audience, and she made really poor attempts to gain their respect back.

twitter is just the latest conduit for the backchannel at conferences, following on IM and IRC. before that, it was whispering to the person/s next to you...if you have to wait until the beer bottles are breaking against the chicken wire, you might want to stay away from live audiences ;-)

btw, zuckerBERG i think.


Alice Lee

If you have not heard them before, WNYC/NPR's Radio Lab has had a couple shows that talked about mobs (although usually in the context of something else). The Musical Language episode talks about the mob after a performance of a piece by Stravinsky, and the War of the Worlds episode has a mob in Brazil after a performance of the radio drama. The latter is not available online yet but I highly recommend the show.

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