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Gregg Tavares

Over a year old and no comments?

I remember thinking about most of this stuff back when they came out. I guess that makes me old. I've seen Moonstruck too many times as it was my x-wife's favorite movie.

There's a lot to read into your comments. Are you settling or going for your heart? Do I want to think that the women I've been with were settling rather than going for their heart if that's what most women do?

It seems to me though this supposed dichotomy of male vs female writers and male vs female wants is pretty thin. Twilight is written by a woman. So are most romance novels (http://www.theromancereader.com/top100.html) which kind of goes against the idea that men write the "woman throws caution to the wind" stories and women write "settle for safe" stories.

Jeremy Kerr

I too have a special place in my heart for both moonstruck and Crossing Delancy. But let us take a note from the end of the piece. You looked at possibly (well, almost assuredly) the greatest romance writer of all time in Jane Austen and found her Heroines both practical and romantic. I think this is apt of most women (though, being a man, I really can't speak from true experience.) I think it would almost be better to compare Pride and Prejudice to another English classic, "A room with a view." In E.M. Forster's account, the girl does go for the romantic choice. This, once again written by a man. Though, I must add that it uses this conflict between romance and practicality as a class issue. Which might be apt in our original pairing. For Izzy is more affluent more refined in her outlook. So, maybe the real split is between those who are ruled by their heads and those by their hearts.

Now, for me, it will always be Izzy, and Lizzie Bennet that I fall for. They are the kind of women that manage to make my chest feel too small for my heart.

Art always does show the world in stark colors though, no person is ever the character in the book. We all have it jumbled up inside of us. Like us men, some days we are Darcy, proud and affable, handsome and aloof. Others, we are Mr. Collins, meek and snide, pompous and homely. I think, possibly, this is the way with all people.

Maybe, just maybe, when we meet our Lizzie Bennet, do we finally shrug off the Collins, and shine as our Darcy. At least, I would like to think that is true.


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