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Looks like L.A. Noire might solve the eye problem


i really enjoyed this game, but i was similarly disappointed with Madison. i wanted to like her, i really did, but she brought nothing to the table.

another loophole i didn't understand was how madison got her motorcycle back after she finds ethan at that abandoned building. the cops had already had it surrounded and saw her go inside, and attempts to get ethan away. she left the bike outside with the cops--wouldn't they have impounded it or something?

as for madison avoiding being tied up, you avoid this by not drinking what the dude hands you. and then you get awarded the insulting trophy of "smart girl" which effectively victim blames those who don't take that route.


Overall the narrative of heavy rain was hard to believe and non-sensical, which was disappointing. But, like you, Madison was the element that made the least sense. Other than 'needing' to have a female character, it made no sense why she was there/involved, why she couldn't sleep in her own apartment/having nightmares about people breaking in or why she would somehow decide to befriend/sleep with Ethan. I commented somewhere else that really, they should have had Ethan's wife be Madison's character who would've had a vested interest in finding her son, would create real tension between her and Ethan (and possibly rekindle their relationship) and not have reduced her characterization as the shrew who just says her ex-husband is crazy. I guess I could give the game a pass on the excess sexualization of the female character if it made more sense somehow.

(also, wtf is up with all the characters being white except that 'bubba' stereotype junkyard guy?)

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Heavy Rain has pretty awful writing for a game that is supposedly all about story and plot. The Madison character is the most egregious example, but there's more stuff that is on a similar level (i.e. Norman and Ethan at the police station).

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I get to watch gamer play this game and kinda like it though. This game can get boring now and then, but it was very challenging.




u make me remember day`s of rains , and eating and playing games in such a day is awesome feelings .


"My Madison left before it got crazy. Basically the game ignored my actions and forced Madison to go through with something I thought she should never have done."

This one thing completely ruined the story for me. Not that particular instance, but one right at the end explaining a certain scene in a clock shop. That never happened, yet the game is trying to tell me it did?


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I am still to play this one. But from what I have heard from others (video game media, fans ect), the game Is awsome =)

Good article btw!


The graphic details of this game makes me drool. And also questioning, if it isnt't time for a new graphics card to buy.

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