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I have... similar feelings. That said, how often have I approached my beloved artists, artists who I have read for 15 years, with print copies of their books that I bought used? Books that I paid for and yet not a dollar went to them?

Nevermind some of my favorite webcomic artists sketched in my con sketchbooks without even asking for money in return. No doubt they got some millionth of a cent per pageview I gave them, but...

So while Patreon feels a little uncomfortable to me, when I process that feeling I wonder if it's because I regret not paying them for what they created more directly.


That's a good point. I feel that way too. Like, if I really like this artist, I want to support them, but is there a way to pay them directly for work they do? And of course some art lends itself better to that model than others. I can buy prints and music from artists I like; and books from writers who produce books; but articles... in theory, I would, but that feels strange. Articles can't really live behind a paywall (at least not for me) because they need to be able to be shared. So, do I just donate some money for each article I read?

I don't know!!


Yeah, the article writer is definitely in a pinch. Certainly you might find a mainstream magazine on the web (TNC wrote on this a bit http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/03/lucrative-work-for-free-opportunity/273846/) but given the awful state of game journalism, I'm not sure what routes are even available there!

I realize that it's not entirely surprising, given our generation and the state of the economy, but this is one of those cases that I wish we'd just jump straight to the Mincome solution for everyone. I realize that all those businesses that rely on forcing people who are at the end of their rope to keep on working for not even subsistence wages to keep doing awful work for them will hate it, but I kind of lean towards saying "fuck those guys" anyways.

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