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This expresses exactly my reaction to last week's outpourings. I suppose they were inevitable in the face of something as terrifying as suicide, but I don't think many people realise that they are overwhelmingly motivated by their own fears, and not the interests of people with depression. Anyway, thanks for expressing it so well.


I like to think that things may have been different had my dad called me before ending his life. The fact is that people who are going to take their life will make it happen regardless of what you say.

But if I could have at least gotten my two-cents in on it...having lived in that dark pit myself for so many years...I would have simply offered an ear/heart/mind and a place to "get away."

Friedrich Becker-Bertau

I read this thoughtful article lying in bed with a semi-depression.You lifted me up, also with your other texts about books, giant TV and RPG-characters.I guess I am half-elf too.

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